Garbi Inc


Garbi Inc


Garbi is an attachment for your trash can that simplifies your weekly grocery process by recognizing what you throw away and creating an accurate list that can be ordered for delivery or curbside pickup.

Garbi does not rely on barcodes, instead it uses computer vision to scan items in real-time, which requires no change to existing consumer behavior.

Images are scrubbed of personal information, and uploaded to the users mobile app, where a tinder-esque interface quickly adds items to an online retailers cart, or deletes as necessary. Garbi’s average order takes 3m38s, compared to 26m on Instacart, and we’re just getting started.

In the future, Garbi will provide real-time recyclability indicators, and personalized food waste suggestions. Our sustainable future starts with a better understanding of our own personal footprint!

About Garbi

Garbi is changing the way people view the most important sustainability tool in their kitchen: the trash can.

The kitchen trash can is the last step in the cradle-to-grave product lifecycle. The average household discards 450 items every month, and keeping track is overwhelming to everyone.

By putting a camera in the lid and using computer vision to identify items, Garbi automates the mundane task of grocery shopping, while opening up new sustainability avenues such as real-time recycling assistance and food waste reporting. Coupled with Garbi’s mobile app to make suggestions, we hope to empower users to monitor and improve their own personal footprint!