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Nonfiction Inc.

Human Headphones

Human is the reinvention of mobile music where high tech, intuitive user interface, fashion, and superior comfort merge to create a never-seen-before experience. The headphones and interactions feel natural, and less like a piece of consumer electronics attached to the body.

Comfort, easy donning, stability weight, driver, and mic positions have been considered to create the optimum user experience. In all, more than 700 3D prints were required to refine the ergonomics of the headphones.

The touchless gesture control system transcends other interface technologies by taking advantage of the device’s outer real estate. Using natural human gestures, listeners can execute multiple playback controls — including volume adjustment, pause, play, skip a track, replaying a track, accept/deny call, and additional feature controls.

About Nonfiction Inc.

Nonfiction turns science fiction into reality for a better future.

We take great risks in design and follow through to ensure execution and wonder. We are industrial designers, architects, engineers, and futurists. We partner with pioneers and thought leaders to push provocative ideas and create meaningful experiences the world has never seen. The bigger and more complex the system, the better. Our process explores behaviors, challenges assumptions, and delivers products and experiences that connect with people. Our diverse and insanely creative team members make working with us feel like anything but work.

What makes us special:

• Principals as Designers
• Unconventional Methodologies
• Behavior Design for Behavior Change
• Highly Collaborative Relationships
• Lean Product Development
• Long-Term Relationships are the Rule
• Elevated Design for the Planet
• Not Interested in Doing Boring Stuff
• Design for a Better Future