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Halo Sport 2

Halo Sport 2 is a neuro-stimulating wearable that leverages the brain’s plasticity to improve athletic performance. By priming neuro pathways during intense warmups, top athletes push the boundaries of their motor skills. The US Olympic Cyclist Team sees so much potential in Sport 2 that they’ve made it a key component in their training routine. This technology is now available to all at an attainable price, unleashing your potential to learn movement faster.

Extensive research aligned the Sport 2 to its primary use case – the fitness market. Secondary use cases include playing guitar or piano because the brain learns each of these movements the same way – via the motor cortex. While the pathways may differ, they’re all created through repetition and plasticity.

Close collaboration between science and engineering teams led to a product that addresses human factors, durability, and reliability concerns. Nonfiction helped to reduce costs through innovative solutions including the design of the replaceable foam primers, headband construction and various mechanical components.

About the Organization

Nonfiction turns science fiction into reality for a better future.

We take great risks in design and follow through to ensure execution and wonder. We are industrial designers, architects, engineers, and futurists. We partner with pioneers and thought leaders to push provocative ideas and create meaningful experiences the world has never seen. The bigger and more complex the system, the better. Our process explores behaviors, challenges assumptions, and delivers products and experiences that connect with people. Our diverse and insanely creative team members make working with us feel like anything but work.

What makes us special:

• Principals as Designers
• Unconventional Methodologies
• Behavior Design for Behavior Change
• Highly Collaborative Relationships
• Lean Product Development
• Long-Term Relationships are the Rule
• Elevated Design for the Planet
• Not Interested in Doing Boring Stuff
• Design for a Better Future