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Vectordesigns UG

hipi protective phone belt

hipi is a protective phone belt or hip/waist bag, made of quality durable stretch fabric, and with distinct pockets which secure your phone wallet, keys and the other things you need through the day.

Embedded within is a radiation barrier which protects your body from your phone’s microwave emissions.

hipi may be zipped up to be worn on your hips or waist.​

It is the only sleek bum bag / fanny pack / hip pack / waist pack / running belt / money belt on the market with a radiation barrier and adjustable widths, and which provides both performance and understated modesty.

About Vectordesign UG

Vectordesigns UG (Unternehmensgesellschaft) is a company based in Munich, Germany. It is registered in Amstgericht München with the Handelsregister number HRB 245700.

Helmed by owner Chee Su-Lin, the owner and company takes joy in producing ideas for urban mobility. First founded as a company in Malaysia, it produced integrated public transport maps and guides, as well as provided contract design and publishing services.

Chee then moved to California where she developed the hipi protective phone belt. Having now relocated to Munich, Germany, Chee founded Vectordesigns UG where it is producing the hipi, with other accessories in the pipeline.