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Recap of Panel: Designing for Youth Impact

originally posted on iiD’s blog.

On June 7th at our SF Design Week event we were captivated by the discussion and presentations made by panelists from Adobe, Futures Without Violence, CCA, Peace First and Elefint.

With only 1% of media representations of young people being positive, the panel showed a completely different outlook of young people today making a difference in the U.S. and abroad. One really interesting point that came up was that the words “social impact” are actually an adult construct and that young people today blend causes into what they’re passionate about in an organic way.

Here’s a quick recap of each panelist’s presentation

Here’s an interesting point that Adobe’s Michelle Posadas made about young people’s attitude towards social impact:

We’d love to continue the conversation going at future events at iiD or elsewhere. A warm thank you to our panelists who were generous with their time and stories. And we appreciate all the attendees who made the trek to North Beach and added to the discussion and excitement.

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