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White Glove Approach to High End Furniture Delivery

Tramo@Home, a luxury installation specialist and logistics company specializing in servicing design professionals, opened up its San Francisco location last year. How high end? Try a $125,000 bed and a $50,000 dining room table. Don’t worry, though, Tramo@Home is perfectly happy to handle the logistics of packing, shipping, storing, and delivering a $700 easy chair from Crate & Barrel, too. Tramo@Home is set up to perform the last mile delivery for interior designers facing tight deadlines and demanding clients. Tramo@Home works with local design showrooms to receive the products, perform inspection, and then conduct concierge level “white glove” delivery.

Interior designers and the lighting industry work with Tramo by sending a list of the items they’ve specified for their project. Then Tramo takes care of the rest by delivering the items locally, or packs, ships, and stores them in their warehouse until needed.

As a result interior designers can be confident their showplace, bravura interior design pieces are inspected, in good hands, arrives in one piece on time, and is set up with care. When it comes to the purchase process, the delivery specialists from Tramo@Home are the last face the homeowner sees when their items finally arrive. That type of service demands a professional approach, including booties, and yes, white gloves.

“Through a chance meeting with Rebecca Gold during the Opening Night Party at San Francisco Design Week she was able to solve some of our logistical challenges that came up unexpectedly within hours. The personalized service we received and her boutique approach to working with design studios forged a long term collaboration. Since then we’ve solely relied on Tramo@Home for all our delivery and storage needs for our exhibitions and installations in between festivals. Rebecca has been a great resource.”

– Dawn Zidonis, Executive Director, San Francisco Design Week

Pictured: Rebecca Gold, General Manager


Tramo@Home San Francisco
Rebecca Gold, General Manager
405 S Airport Blvd, Unit B, South San Francisco, CA
Tel: 650.761-4501

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