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2018 SFDW: CCA, Passion Pins

Held annually, the SF Design Week Design Hub is the place for designers of all levels and backgrounds to come together to celebrate the trade. Last year the students at CCA participated by creating postcards to the president a station where anyone could create a postcard to send to the President, free of charge. This year CCA’s AIGA student group continued with the tradition by creating a button-making station called Passion Pins.

Throughout the opening night reception, visitors swarmed the students’ station, using recycled materials, stickers, and other supplies to craft hundreds of original and uplifting pins. In a creative twist, participants were invited to leave the pins they’d made and take pins made by others, which sparked community and connection throughout the evening.

A quote from Grace Lee, co-president of the AIGA student group:

“It was important to me that our contribution to SFDW this year be engaging, inclusive, and powerful. During our planning meetings for the event, we chose the theme of “love.” With all the terrors and tragic events across the country and around the globe, we felt we wanted to be a beacon of positivity at the event. Through the pins people were able to manifest and share what they love, as well as explore what other people had to say. The pins ranged from strong political statements to silly things like favorite food, creating a very diverse wall of pins. The circulating of these creative conversations and expressions was amazing to experience. Once you explained to people what was going on at our booth and how to get involved, they were thrilled to be able to create a custom tangible item as well as be able to take home the creation of another!”

Thank you to the CCA AIGA student group and educators for bringing your interactive exhibit to San Francisco Design Week 2018!

Photos by Colin Swenson

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