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Creating a central nervous system for the planet

What does sound look like? And how can you save the world by designing for its democratization? We joined Beyond and Rainforest Connection for a SFDW discussion to find out. For most of us, the closest we’ll come to the rainforest is that episode of Planet Earth we’ve had queued up on Netflix for the

InVision Design Better Series I Introducing the Recognize anthology

Welcome to the first volume of Recognize, a design anthology featuring essays and commentary from indigenous people and men and women of color⁠—the next generation of emerging design voices. Recognize started with a simple premise⁠: to showcase design writing that reflects the richness and diversity of the people who make up the design community. The

InVision Design Better Series | Benjamin Evans: The Power of Inclusive Design

Benjamin Evans, Inclusive Design Lead for Airbnb, is part of a new kind of problem solvers tackling issues like racism, sexism, and bias in digital product design. In this episode of the Design Better Podcast, Eli and Aarron chat with Benjamin about using techniques like design thinking, research, and storytelling to ensure a more inclusive

Creative agility expresses the full potential of our teams and systems

In a time fraught with uncertainty, hardship and deep injustice, I find strength in stories of teams who have mobilized in novel ways to drive meaningful impact, guided by compassion and a shared sense of purpose. But mostly I turn to baking bread—lots and lots of bread. As creatives, there’s comfort in constraint. And there’s

Announcement: 2020 Theme ‘Intentional Distortions’ in partnership with Landscape

Some of the most vivid discussions about our future occur at San Francisco Design Week (SFDW), one of the world’s most influential annual design festivals. Today, in partnership with leading brand strategy and design studio Landscape ®, SFDW launches the theme for the 2020 event: ‘Intentional Distortions.’ This year’s concept challenges the design community to

The Making of “Shore” with Swiss designer Adrien Rovero

In 2019 Swiss Designer Adrien Rovero, partnered with product development company PCH and SF Design Week with the support of Swissnex, to unveil the installation which features 120 “Shore” modules that are playful inflatable two-sided seats that can easily flip in different directions. Together they create a common gathering space for conversation and community. The

4 Keys To Empowerment Through Design

Sometimes Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) gets conflated with a list of boxes to check and quotas to meet. And the numbers matter, but so do the people behind those numbers. For SF Design Week, Beyond hosted a panel to learn from industry leaders about how we can create more equity in our communities through design.

A Splash of Color at SFDW

San Francisco Design Week got a big splash of color on opening day from Paintzen, a service that has figured out how to simplify quality home painting by pairing technology with industry experts. Paintzen’s Senior Director of Marketing, Kristen Chuber, opened design week with a morning workshop on color trends. It gave designers the opportunity

Mauk Design Puts the Communication in commUNITY

Slack, email, the Web, Instagram, AR, VR, Holograms… Despite the onslaught of technology, there’s a reason branded environments like tradeshows are still relevant. As a species, we have a desire to be among other people, to communicate face to face. Telling stories around campfires is still a powerful part of our background. That’s why trade

Dynamic Minds Series

ABOUT DYNAMIC MINDS SERIES led by Diane Dorrans Saeks The Dynamic Minds Series is 4 separate events over a series of afternoons. Please register for each event. Creativity, ideas, inspiration and exploration, balanced with in-depth knowledge, remain essential elements in today’s interiors and architecture. This is evident throughout four special afternoon seminars at the studios

Design Tech High School ( explores the essence of community

It might sound strange, but San Francisco Design Week is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the feeling of isolation. On that unmistakable hunch that we’re all alone. Regardless of our role – designer, entrepreneur, developer, mentor – we feel it when we take risks. We feel it when we’re digging deep. And it lurks

CommUNITY with Paintzen

This year’s San Francisco Design Week theme is CommUNITY. While designers of all disciplines are united with the purpose of solving problems, advancing aesthetics, and re-thinking our future, the theme of CommUNITY extends beyond the professional design community. With platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, there is a constant conversation around design at everyone’s fingertips. This

Announcing the 2019 Theme: CommUNITY

Designers of all disciplines are united by the drive to solve problems, advance aesthetics, and re-think our the future. The increasing global collaboration among visual designers, industrial designers, strategists, writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, and artists has created a community of purpose in today’s complex world. The 2019 theme of CommUNITY honors the design discipline’s global

2018 SFDW: An Evening with Norden Living

Each year during design week, we host two-nights of Studio Crawls. This year, we were lucky to include Norden Living, San Francisco’s boutique destination for contemporary Scandinavian design to the roster on night two. Grounded in the culture and aesthetic that epitomized mid-century modern design, Norden Living features new work by contemporary designers who take

2018 SFDW: CCA, Passion Pins

Held annually, the SF Design Week Design Hub is the place for designers of all levels and backgrounds to come together to celebrate the trade. Last year the students at CCA participated by creating postcards to the president a station where anyone could create a postcard to send to the President, free of charge. This

The 2018 Official SFDW Bicycle Winner

2018 brought about the first official San Francisco Design Week Bicycle, designed by Office and the team at Mission Bicycle. The bike was raffled off to one lucky winner during the final night of San Francisco Design Week at Mission Bicycle! Jason, a San Francisco designer originally born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in

2018 SFDW: Stanford, A Design Process Introspection

On Saturday, June 9th, Emily Callaghan and Tessa Forshaw led a three-hour workshop at the Stanford d.School called “Introduction to Design Abilities.” The goal of this workshop was to provide attendees with an introspective platform to engage critically with their own design process. The reflection was facilitated by a series of guided activities that enabled

Butchershop Creative Launches the World’s Greatest Internship

This post originally appeared on Butchershop Creative. Every year, San Francisco Design Week creates a theme to express the current culture of design and creativity in business. This year’s theme is Start Here. We were inspired by it and wanted to go big. We interpreted Start Here as Help People. So we began thinking of

San Francisco Design Week Debuts First Annual Design Awards

San Francisco Design Week (SFDW), the premier gathering of the world’s most active design community, debuted the first annual San Francisco Design Week Awards, announcing the winners this evening. This year’s theme, “Where Innovation Meets Social Responsibility” was met by award winners from leading design firms, in-house teams, and creative individuals, who were honored today

SFDW x Mission Bicycle (Win a Bike)

What happens when you put some of San Francisco’s finest designers in front of the Mission Bicycle Design wall? Well, you get a one of a kind bike that’s as beautiful as it is functional- the official bike of San Francisco Design Week 2018. To make the week even more festive, we’re raffling this rideable

Elephant Presents: Live Art with Juan Miguel Marin on June 8, 2018

Join Elephant as they celebrate this year’s SFDW theme ‘Start Here’. Their studio will be creating a massive piece of artwork covering their office walls – live. With some help from New York-based Ecuadorian artist Juan Miguel Marin and visitors, they will transform their space into an inspiring work of art. “Drawing for an audience

Exposition of Chaos: An Airbnb Design installation at SF Design Week 2018

This article was originally published on Airbnb Design. Navigating the unpredictable, foggy world of chaos is familiar territory for the creative teams at Airbnb. The challenges we bring order to range from designing for trust between strangers, to community revitalization and disaster relief. In Exposition of Chaos, we’ll examine modern chaos—the environmental, social, digital, emotional,

Digital Design Tools are Changing the Potential of Custom Furniture

This article was written by Paul Munson of Munson Furniture. Visit the Munson Furniture Installation at the Design Hub at Pier 27 June 7 & 8, 2018! ——- The accessibility of digital design tools and advanced manufacturing techniques is going to have an enormous effect on how we think about custom vs.production furniture. Through the

Why Designing a Better Food System is a Global Mission

Almost 2 weeks ago, at the Future Food Institute, we kicked-off our second Global Mission with the ambitious goal of visiting 12 cities in 10 countries in 60 days. 16 Master’s students from the Institute are conducting research around four key themes: scalable sustainability and circular system; future of proteins; agro-innovation in smart cities; food

The Official 2018 Design Hub Lineup // June 7-8, 2018

PIER 27, THE EMBARCADERO It’s almost here, the 2018 San Francisco Design Week Hub, the center of SF Design Week’s opening suite of events, including the opening night reception, talks, installations, workshops and exhibits taking place over two days on the waterfront at Pier 27 on June 7 & 8 and it’s going to be

Accessibility in Sound Design l tEQ – the Tangible Equalizer

Aarushi Karimpanal is a product designer at Spanner Product Development who for her thesis project created the tEQ, the Tangible Equalizer, in the Engineering Design Innovation Masters program at Northwestern. In honor of graduation season, we asked Aarushi to shares aspects of the design research in accessibility and sound design. Aarushi grew up surrounded by

The Design Learning Challenge for K12 Youth: SFDW Edition

We are excited to announce the Design Learning Challenge for K12 Youth during this year’s San Francisco Design Week! A Design Challenge is an interactive design workshop that offers an exciting co-participatory, multi-disciplinary opportunity to design collaboratively with professionals and area youth from the San Francisco Columbia Park Boys & Girls Clubhouse. During the Design

Thinking In Code for Designers

This article originally appeared on Medium and has been republished with permission from the author, Asli Kimya. I always had an infatuation with coding and product design. Yet, looking at job descriptions, it was hard to fit under one title. My designer self loved the font Helvetica and doodling in my sketch book with a

5 Design Considerations Used for the Simplest Design Projects

Sparxo, a well-designed, white labeled, event ticketing platform is no stranger to elegant design. Sparxo aims to differentiate itself in a competitive industry with great user experience and modern design practices. Every detail matters to deliver a great user experience. This is why a lot of thought goes into the simplest design projects. A great

IIDA Northern California 2018 Honor Award Winners

The International Interior Design Association of Northern California Announces the 2018 Honor Award Winners Presented at the Fox Theater in Oakland, Calif., the event celebrated the top interior design talent in Northern California The International Interior Design Association of Northern California (IIDA NC) has announced its 2018 Honor Award Winners. Now in its 14th year,

Announcing: San Francisco Design Week Awards

Where Innovation Meets Social Responsibility Announcing San Francisco Design Week Awards which showcase design excellence in the region and internationally, from tech inventions to culture-changing products, the Awards celebrate the intersection of innovation, activism and the entrepreneurial spirit. Entries for the prestigious SFDW Awards will be judged by a jury composed of leading Bay Area

Announcing: Italian Design Day 2018 with Aldo Cibic

Aldo Cibic – Designing Sustainability DZINE Showroom 128 Utah St, San Francisco, CA 94103 Friday, March 2 – 6:00pm | RSVP Required The Consulate General of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, in collaboration with DZINE, are pleased to present architect and designer Aldo Cibic, a co-founder of the Memphis movement, who

SFDW & Heavy Projects Announce Official AR Poster

Excerpts from this content were originally published on Heavy Projects. “Parabola” is an interactive, augmented reality mural created by Heavy Projects for San Francisco Design Week 2017 at Pier 27. The mural depicts a fractal background with a digital sculpture of a chair in the foreground built by impossibly interlocking and twisted parabolas. Fractals are

San Francisco Design Week: 2018 Theme

Designing a better future has never felt more urgent or important. It’s up to us to build that vision and generate new ideas, but great ideas are just the beginning. It’s time to participate, collaborate and create what’s next. Where to begin? Last year we questioned everything, investigating the broad social, technological and aesthetic landscape

Get Ready for SF Design Week 2018

The 2018 edition of San Francisco Design Week will take place June 7 -15! Last year we welcomed 40,000 attendees from various design disciplines as well as tourists and the general public. Apply today!  What to Expect June 7 & 8: Exhibitions, exclusive programming and the opening night reception at the Design Hub at Pier 27 June

SF Design Week Mourns the Loss of Mayor Ed Lee

It is with deep sadness that we are writing this note on the sudden loss of Mayor Ed Lee. For the past 7 years, Mayor Ed Lee led the city of San Francisco and oversaw the technology-driven economic boom. He was known as a strong advocate for civil rights and for his steadfast fight for

Material Expertise: Large-Scale Printing

This past year we worked with Dynamite Digital to bring our 2017 theme, Question Everything, to life at the Design Hub at Pier 27. The team was so helpful at finding just the right printing options for our large-scale needs that we asked them to share some insights with our community! Designers can often struggle

2017 SFDW: Airbnb, Shadow to Light

This article was originally published on Airbnb Design written by Sola Biu. One of the most compelling challenges of working at Airbnb is holistically thinking through how everything we design–whether it’s our creative work, internal culture, or team structure–can be more globally inclusive. Our ambition to create solutions that work for all, not just a

2017 SFDW: CCA, Postcards to the President

After the 2016 presidential election, students and faculty in CCA’s graphic design program were eager to respond—to use the power of design to move minds, inspire action, and bridge divides. Besides making work that expressed their own opinions about the new political landscape, the students wanted to create a forum that would enable others to

Stimulant: This San Francisco-based experiential studio brings dreams to life through digital interactions.

We’ve all had dreams about flying above a city, zooming past skyscrapers, peering into windows and whooshing past the heads of unsuspecting pedestrians. In six cities around the world, that’s not a dream. That’s a reality, courtesy of needle-sharp, pixel-perfect interactive displays at welcome centers created by Stimulant, a San Francisco–based design studio. High above

Announcing the 2017 Design Hub Workshops, Panels and Talks on June 15th

PIER 27, THE EMBARCADERO A major part of Design Week is the Design Hub, at Pier 27 which houses a broad range of activities including talks, installations, and exhibitions. The Design Hub will be open from June 14th–15th. Question everything, engage, and interact with design products from leading brands and independent makers as you enjoy

Q & A with Butterscotch

From being a strong female lead in a male-dominated field, to gay and biracial in the music industry, this year’s musical guest at the Opening Night Reception of #SFDW represents what it means to Question Everything. She fuses societal questions into inspiration for her framework and lyrics into answers. Butterscotch is the first woman beatboxing finalist from

Dynamic drawings: a new medium for art, design & communication

Since ancient times, we have been using written language, pictures, scientific notations, & symbols for thinking and communication. However, these languages and representations are primarily invented for static media (such as paper), which is often incompatible with our powerful ways of thinking and understanding.   We are now seeing the start of dynamic media to represent

A look into the Dolby Art Program

As part of SF Design Week 2017, Dolby Labs is hosting Design Lives Here, a celebration of creativity at Dolby featuring the design of the Dolby Cinema, a special screening and the premiere of the Dolby Art Series.   Dolby Cinema combines the most advanced audio and imaging technologies with innovative environmental design – creating

Designers Talk Tech and Design

  Top interior designers Catherine Kwong, Gary Hutton, Jay Jeffers and Eche Martinez reveal details of their creative process and strategic thinking. We asked, “Designers can now out-source many of their tech requirements and advances, such as virtual reality design presentations, photography tech, and communicating with clients and access to information. How are you using

Chloe Bensahel presents “J’arrive”, an installation about immigration

Chloe Bensahel is an artist whose work combines the traditions, plants, and stories linked to materials in order to address human relationships to place. Bensahel’s work often blends individual narratives and material research in order to make work that is both of a place and separate from it, a moment between past and future. For

Primer 2017: A Speculative Conference

Drawing a crowd of designers, educators, futurists, and social innovators, Primer2017—the first dedicated speculative futures conference—opened in style at the grand Grey Area theatre in the Mission district of San Francisco. Organized by Phil Balagtas, the founding member of the San Francisco based Speculative Futures meet-up, the two day conference promised a range of presentations

How can Design Thinking Help Solve Women’s Leadership Challenges?

by Shalini Sardana, originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse. We all have an inner alchemist. That latent resource within us which holds the potential to radically transform us. No one knows this better than Elise Roy. She turned her lifelong disability into her biggest gift. Her inner alchemist transformed her biggest limitation – being deaf – into

5 Tips for Asking the Right Question

  Sometimes, the first step toward a great answer is to reframe the question. Problem statements often assume that you already know what to look for, that you know the correct solution and that the only challenge lies in figuring out how to achieve it. Before you start searching for solutions, however, step back to

What if Sutro Tower had condos in it?

San Francisco Magazine’s cover features an alluring rendering of the city’s favorite tower BY BROCK KEELING San Francisco Magazine just dropped their urban design issue today. Most notably, the issue’s cover features something downright spectacular or horrifying, depending on your point of view: a rendering of Sutro Tower with a condo-conversion renovation. Prized as the

LOCZIdesign Announces its Pre-launch Event of SANCTUARY: a FUNdraiser for SFDW’s Opening

Held on May 13th, at LOCZIdesign studios, event proceeds will go to fund the June 14th Opening Reception Art Installation for San Francisco Design Week, at Pier 27. LOCZIdesign has partnered with Heavy Projects, Props2c, CULT | Aimee Friberg Exhibitions and Keyframe-Entertainment to bring San Francisco Design Week visitors an augmented reality immersive installation exploring

Call for Volunteers

As an Event Volunteer, you will be attending events and helping them run smoothly. During SF Design Week AIGA hosts panels, events, and open studios. As an EV you will be asked to: arrive early to events 30 mins is standard, some events require more or less set up chairs, tables, food + drinks, and

How to Deal with 4 Major Employment Deal-Breakers

If I ask my friends about their dating deal-breakers, I get a long, hilarious, and highly specific list. One friend won’t date a guy if his car has a spoiler (and in case you’re wondering, this friend is not 19, but 35). I have a guy friend who’s ghosted on smart, cute, funny girls for

Saying No to Say Yes to the Jobs that Bring You Joy

If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer that has a problem saying no, raise your hand. Thank you, and welcome. Saying no is not fun but it is indeed a complete sentence. A few of these scenarios might seem familiar to you: A) You’re on your last dollar with no checks in sight. You recently quit

What is Color? TEALEAVES presents Color In Sight

“There are many products that are well designed, but don’t get the traction they deserve because the color’s not right.” Color In Sight: A Documentary on the Details of Color in Design by TEALEAVES from Tealeaves on Vimeo. In an increasingly digitally connected world, research has shown that the average human attention span has fallen

Code for America’s Next Chapter

originally posted on Medium, written by Lou Moore. Reposted with permission. Government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century. This is the vision that Code for America was founded upon. It’s a vision of every government service being as simple, reliable, and delightful to use as our favorite consumer products.

What is the Next Step in the Evolution of City Riding?

Bicycles are efficient machines, they always have been. Our goal with the Lyra project was to take that efficiency a step further. Sacrificing neither form nor function, we’ve built a high end commuter that increases safety and security both on and off the bike. ​​ “I think the modern story of bicycle design in cities

Yves Béhar Elevates the Co-Working Space

originally posted on Curbed, written by Brock Keeling. Reposted with permission. Esteemed designers open Canopy, a stunning shared workspace in Pacific Heights “We wanted to create something we call ‘work nirvana,’” says Yves Béhar, “which means being able to walk to work.” The famed designer, along with Amir Mortazavi (co-founder of M-Projects) and Steve Mohebi,

How Discrimination Shapes What Your City Looks Like

Originally published to attn:, written by Lucy Tiven and reposted here with permission. America’s cities may be home to individuals belonging to thousands of cultural groups and myriad socioeconomic statuses. But these urban centers are surprisingly no melting pot. As Nate Silver pointed out in several infographics, diverse cities are often the most segregated, especially

Essen International x SF Design Week

San Francisco Design Week is one of the most awaited and revered events within the design sphere. It is a week fully devoted to celebrating design in a city considered by most to be the quintessential mecca of design and technological innovation. Essen International was asked to create an identity and campaign that could illustrate

Exhibit With Us

San Francisco Design Week is returning to Pier 27 for this years Hub. The Hub is the center of SF Design Week’s opening suite of events, including the Opening Night Reception. The Hub is also the center for showcasing your latest products. Taking place on June 14th and 15th, the Hub will hosts thousands of

2016 Enrichment Scholarship Winners

Congrats to the Three 2016 Enrichment Scholarship Award Winners! The Enrichment Scholarship program was created by AIGA San Francisco to enhance the quality and diversity of design education. Scholarships are awarded annually based on the overall excellence of a student’s work and his/her strong academic achievement. Thanks to our distinguished panel of judges – Michael

28 Daily Creative Exercises For Building Better Habits

This piece originally appeared on Creative Live in Feb 2016. Getting in a creative rut is unfortunate – staying in one is a choice. These 28 creative exercises are designed to get you back in the habit of making cool stuff. Get 28 free daily creative projects in your inbox: sign up for #28toMake today. We often lapse

Social Sketch Design

A casual pop-up for creatives : Social Sketch

Recently, Rachel Frankel, Bay Area artist and illustrator, had time to sit down and chat with local artists Courtney Cerruti and Michael McConnell about one of their latest projects, Social Sketch. Social Sketch began organically as a casual get together of like-minded creatives, and now takes the form of a pop-up where the Bay Area’s

Heath Ceramic Design

National Design Award: Heath Ceramics

This piece originally appeared on Heath Ceramics in 2015. • • • Here’s a little recap of what landed us the honor of the Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Award in Corporate & Institutional Achievement. Our submission – Business by Design – was organized around five key principles, each with two projects that illustrate our approach:

NOW: Digital Mural

Now is a collection of interactive prototypes designed to provide the AIGA San Francisco design community with unique platforms for participation and engagement. Community members will be invited to participate in and contribute to prototype projects through this new AIGA SF initiative in the future. The first Now project, Digital Mural, is debuting at the 2015

The Chance to Win a “Weekend of Design” Trip

Free and open to the public June 4th and 5th daytime hours, the SF Design Week Hub with WestEdgeSF is command central for all things design. From exhibitions to panel discussions, the opening reception, and more, this is where you want to be to kick off a week celebrating design in the Bay Area. For an added