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2022 Theme: Edge Effect

Edge Effect is a phenomenon describing the exponential enrichment that takes place when different ecosystems connect with one another. Whether naturally occurring or intentionally designed, these interactions facilitate moments of connection and provide the potential to share value, create access, and imagine new ways to engage with the world.

Language, space, software, screens, objects, air—in every interface is opportunity. Through these infinite points of interaction, we can explore new meaning, expand our understanding, and discover the experiences that bind us together.

San Francisco Design Week acts as an interface to exchange ideas in service of a better world. This year, the event brings together a global community of designers, strategists, artists, and activists at the edge of connections yet to be made.

June 21st – 25th.
Submissions are now open: Call for Proposals 2022.

The 2022 San Francisco Design Week theme, identity, and campaign has been created in collaboration with Landscape.

Landscape is a boutique brand strategy and design studio shaping structure and surface in service of social good.

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Ben Bloom @benbloom, Lola Dement Myers @loladementmyers, Parteek Saran @parteek, Alex Wallbaum @alexwallbaum, Flavio Carvalho @flviocc, Caleb Vanden Boom @calebvandenboom, Ryan Thompson @warmestregards, Tim Finch @tim.finch & Marc Liu @m000rc

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Alexa Viscius @alexavisciusphoto, Lola Dement Myers @loladementmyers, Parteek Saran @parteek

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