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A Splash of Color at SFDW

San Francisco Design Week got a big splash of color on opening day from Paintzen, a service that has figured out how to simplify quality home painting by pairing technology with industry experts.

Paintzen’s Senior Director of Marketing, Kristen Chuber, opened design week with a morning workshop on color trends. It gave designers the opportunity to learn about Paintzen’s revolutionary color technology. Their platform allows customers to virtually “try on” different paint colors in their space, create personal palettes, match colors to their desired ambiance, get expert color consultations, and receive free color samples. They aim to build confidence in the customer’s color choice before applying it to their walls.

Designers also had the opportunity to create mood boards in collaboration with one another using inspirational photography and the trending paint colors in San Francisco. “Something we talk about a lot is how the right paint color can bring out the beauty that already exists within a space,” said Chuber. “We thought creating mood boards was a great way to represent this idea – that all of the beauty we see in nature, in art, in cities, and in elaborate designs can be brought to life in your home by simply changing the color of the walls!”

Paintzen’s technology makes choosing colors more accessible, an idea that resonates in the SF design community. Many of the attendees at SFDW are disruptors in their fields; they find problems that exist and create innovative solutions, which is exactly why Paintzen was such a great fit. Paintzen uses data and streamlined processes to simplify a process that can be time-consuming and a hassle for both homeowners and design professionals in SF and beyond.

Two of Paintzen’s local contractors spent opening day of Design Week painting a mural in the Design Hub, giving attendees a behind-the-scenes look of how a custom-designed mural comes together. Their bold, bright representation of the San Francisco Ferry Building on the Embarcadero gave us a fresh take on the Bay Area and reminded us how colorful a city we’ve always been.

The live mural painting exhibition showcased to designers and design enthusiasts how Paintzen can handle everything from elaborate works of art to simple accent walls.

SFDW’s theme was CommUNITY and it was apparent in all of the exhibitions that weekend. Paintzen showed us that the personal touch of color, paired with the accessibility of technology, is creating a unified design community one wall at a time.

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