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San Francisco Design Week: 2018 Theme

Designing a better future has never felt more urgent or important. It’s up to us to build that vision and generate new ideas, but great ideas are just the beginning. It’s time to participate, collaborate and create what’s next. Where to begin?

Last year we questioned everything, investigating the broad social, technological and aesthetic landscape that design weaves its way through in order to re-examine our assumptions. Through this process, we were reminded just how much design matters and once we push past the surface of what we take for granted, collectively we have the potential to make deep meaningful change.

Be inspired by the designers whose actions have already made an impact, like Airbnb, who provided a critical pipeline to our neighbors who were displaced by the North Bay fires in October. And 826 Valencia, who is helping transform one of San Francisco’s underserved neighborhoods by designing immersive literary experiences for children. Learn from thought leaders like IDEO, whose process for turning ideas into action has helped make design thinking part of the vernacular for smart business, or Pinterest’s “Right the Ratio” campaign that encourages women in design to seek leadership roles.

Make connections with others who share your passions, concerns, and desire to make a change.

Create your own plan to take action and contribute in new ways.

Start here. San Francisco Design Week.

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2018 Campaign Design by Office

Office is a San Francisco-based creative studio that crafts strategies and designs experiences to make things better. Over the past 14 years, we’ve been fortunate to help build brands we believe in. The Office team has received many design honors, including the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Award. (We keep them all in the bathroom.)

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