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For our 15th Edition, we’re looking to push past the traditional online programming (think heads bobbing on the screen and an endless supply of slides). We all have screen fatigue but by June while California will hopefully be looking a little more normal, we can’t guarantee the pandemic (or the city) will allow for face-to-face gathering. Instead, we’re excited to be partnering with Boomset, an all-in-one events platform, to create more engaging content for 2021!

Boomset has built its platform with a focus on providing a single cohesive experience for all of the people that come together for an event. This means that all of the attendees, speakers, exhibitors, hosts, staff and more will be navigating the same event so that we can focus on the content instead of the technology! Be sure to head to their exhibitor booth during the event or visit their website to learn about how our partner can help improve your own events.

Bringing everyone together doesn’t just make things a lot simpler to use, but actually helps us add to the whole event experience. This post will discuss some of the key aspects that attendees can leverage during SF Design Week 2021. If you are a host or exhibitor looking to better understand key aspects of that experience, head over to our post on that HERE.

Access with Ease

You will notice a big difference starting with a single registration experience for the entire week of events. Similarly, access for all of the week’s of events will be from a single link using a 2-factor authentication system that makes the process both easy and secure.

Boomset’s browser-based platform means you shouldn’t need to download new software, but we do recommend using a fully updated modern browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Plus, if you need or prefer to join from your mobile device, Boomset has native applications on Apple’s App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.

Accessibility + Translation

Once you are logged in, navigating around should feel natural. If you’d like to adjust or improve accessibility – like making text easier to read -, there will be a button to make some of those adjustments. Language is another barrier you won’t need to worry about: a dropdown menu will be available to translate the event into the language of your choice.

Attend Events

The experience of finding and attending events throughout the week will be easier than ever. You will find all of the events you want to attend in a single location! Not only will the events be listed, but there will be ways to search and filter them so you can find what you are looking for as quickly and easily as possible.

When attending an event itself, the experience will vary from host-to-host, but we are excited to expand the tools offered so they can get even more creative. Staples like chat and Q&A are back with polling, breakouts, hand-raising and endless possibilities that are sure to make our events the most engaging yet.

Are you hosting an event? Don’t forget to connect with our team to make sure your event is set up with all the features you’d like to use!

Expand Your Network

One virtual event venue means one guest list and a single community of attendees. Using Boomset’s platform, each attendee will have their own profile and determine if they want to be listed in the community. Information from your profile will help people find you, while you can use search options to find them. Once you find someone to connect with, you can start a chat or hop on a video call right within the platform.

Find Partners at Exhibitor Booths

It can be hard to know where to start when building a partnership. As with the other areas of the week, our Exhibitor Booths will be accessible and searchable from a single location, so you can focus on building connections and finding the right partner.

When visiting an exhibitor booth, you will find that each booth has some of their own information to give you an idea of how they might be able to help. Sometimes that isn’t enough, so you’ll have the option to chat directly with those exhibitors, leave your contact information or simply schedule a meeting with a representative from their team. This should make starting that partnership conversation a little more seamless.

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