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CommUNITY with Paintzen

This year’s San Francisco Design Week theme is CommUNITY. While designers of all disciplines are united with the purpose of solving problems, advancing aesthetics, and re-thinking our future, the theme of CommUNITY extends beyond the professional design community.

With platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, there is a constant conversation around design at everyone’s fingertips. This global community who shares their ideas of good design and style has made design accessible to everyone.

Technology has allowed us to take something so personal, like how you design your space as a representation of you and open it up to the world. We have access to experts from diverse disciplines and we’re exposed to a regionally specific design that used to be reserved for only those who had physical access to it.

Paintzen has used technology to democratize color choice. We believe that everyone deserves the full spectrum of color because something as simple as the right coat of paint can reveal the beauty that already existed in your space.

With us, homeowners are able to try on different colors in their space, create personal palettes, match colors to their desired ambiance, get expert color consultations, receive free color samples, and be confident in their color choice. This accessible web experience from Paintzen makes the path from choosing a paint color to getting it on your walls seamless.

The color you choose is a personal act but is also informed by a larger community. The color and palette homeowners select is a reflection of who they are, but the larger design community informs and defines the larger culture those colors belong to.

Not only do we empower homeowners to discover color on their own based on their inspiration, but this technology equips designers with a tool to further their expertise and make sharing that knowledge with their clients an interactive experience.

While technology will never replace having an “eye” for design, it can be used as an inspiring resource for clients, a tool for people in the industry to further their reach, and a platform that joins these two worlds.

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