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Dynamic Minds Series

ABOUT DYNAMIC MINDS SERIES led by Diane Dorrans Saeks

The Dynamic Minds Series is 4 separate events over a series of afternoons. Please register for each event.

Creativity, ideas, inspiration and exploration, balanced with in-depth knowledge, remain essential elements in today’s interiors and architecture. This is evident throughout four special afternoon seminars at the studios of leading California architects, product designers, and interior designers in San Francisco.

During the 4 events in the series, attendees will meet San Francisco’s leading architecture and design practitioners and view work in their studios. Studios include Stanley Saitowitz, The Wiseman Group, BCJ, ODADA, Geoff de Sousa, BAMO, Ken Fulk, Jonathan Browning, and at Modernism Gallery with Aidlin Darling Design. These take place on different afternoons over 4 days and require separate ticketing.

You will experience the full range of aesthetics, from pure modernism to richly informed classical design, traditional, bold, minimal, and eclectic expression. All are based on intellectual and intuitive disciplines. A highlight will be viewing and discussing works in process, as well as newly completed interiors and unpublished new residences.

We will see how studios fully use newest technical advances such as VR and 3D printing (and continue to sketch) in their design concepts and in interactions with their clients.

At the end of the day, participants are invited to a private in-studio reception and celebration, offering the opportunity to meet designers and their staff and to discuss in-depth ideas and views.

Follow the link for each event:

Dynamic Minds: Inside the Studio—Saitowitz, Jonathan Browning and The Wiseman Group
We meet San Francisco’s leading architecture and design practitioners and view work in their studios.These exclusive and private afternoon seminars offer the latest concepts on a broad range of residential, commercial and sustainable design.

Dynamic Minds Series: ODADA, BCJ and Modernism Gallery/ Aidlin Darling Architects
During this Dynamic Minds Series we’ll be visiting the studios of ODAFA, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Modernism Gallery (designed by Aidlin Darling Design).

Dynamic Minds Series: The World of Ken Fulk
This event is a special exclusive tour and a rare chance to peek inside the world of Ken Fulk. We’ll meet at a location which will be revealed a week prior to the event and then walk together to St Joseph’s Art Society and tour Carpenter’s Workshop.

Dynamic Minds Series: Inside the Studio—Ken Fulk studio, Geoff de Sousa studio and showroom of de Sousa Hughes, and BAMO
On this tour, you will visit Ken Fulk studio, Geoff de Sousa studio and showroom of de Sousa Hughes, and BAMO, led by acclaimed design and architecture book author, Diane Dorrans Saeks.

Learn more about Diane Dorrans Saeks on Instagram @dianedorranssaeks and on her acclaimed blog THE STYLE SALONISTE

Diane is the author of 22 design books, including ‘Michael Smith A Certain Style’ (Rizzoli) and her most recent, “Jean-Louis Deniot Interiors’ (Rizzoli). She is an editor with C magazine, and a contributing editor for House Beautiful, along with PAPERCITY magazine and Gentry, and others. She has written for The New York Times, the Financial Times, and Harper’s Bazaar.

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