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Elephant Presents: Live Art with Juan Miguel Marin on June 8, 2018

Join Elephant as they celebrate this year’s SFDW theme ‘Start Here’. Their studio will be creating a massive piece of artwork covering their office walls – live.

With some help from New York-based Ecuadorian artist Juan Miguel Marin and visitors, they will transform their space into an inspiring work of art.

“Drawing for an audience makes me channel a distinct energy. The work reveals itself as it’s being created, guided by my own emotions but also by the interactions with the people who are witnessing the work. We are all part of the process.”

— Juan Miguel Marin

Doors will open on June 8th at 6pm for the SFDW Studio Crawl. Beer, wine, and cocktails will be provided along with some killer Elephant swag. It probably goes without saying, but the big game will also be on. Go Warriors! 🙂

Purchase tickets below and get access to Elephant and other great studios like Ueno, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Pinterest and more. See you there.

Grab your ticket today!

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