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DESIGN 101 – Design basics for novices

High school students, community college students, and anyone else interested in design are invited to DESIGN 101, a 3-hour workshop where participants will explore the principles of design through a hands-on session. The activities of this workshop include creating zines, buttons, and packaging. DESIGN 101 will start with a brief introduction to design principles followed

Creating Beauty

This event will focus on the story of Tina's personal journey from a childhood of creativity to an initial career in finance, leaving it all behind to start her own design company — hiccups along the way, and refinding inspiration to create beauty. TF Design is a creative product design studio and workshop based in

Changemakers, with Maria Giudice

CCA’s Design Division presents a talk & book signing by Maria Giudice Becoming a Changemaker by Leading with Design Design leaders have evolved from being responsible for executing design concepts to having a crucial role in driving change across organizations. This is welcome progress, but with greater responsibility comes new challenges, especially when it comes