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A Sense of Place: Three New Modern Architecture & Contemporary Living Books

FLEXFORM SF/LA (Flexform) 145 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, CA

Flexform SF/LA & Da Vinci Marble are hosting a celebration of three new modern architecture and contemporary living coffee table books featuring San Francisco Bay Area projects by Feldman Architecture, and works by other top Bay Area design professionals. Architects and designers are breaking new ground in California, and "Contemporary Interiors", by Flexform; "Immersed: The


Breathing Life into the Built Environment

Habitat Horticulture 1038 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley, CA

Habitat Horticulture creates and sustains distinctive living walls and botanic installations that transform the spaces they inhabit. Founded in 2010 by horticultural pioneer and artist David Brenner, our mission is to produce awe-inspiring plant-centric spaces that cultivate and deepen our connection with nature and enliven the built environment. The name Habitat Horticulture comes from our


Design Framework for Your Metaverse Experiences

Duality Robotics
Virtual Event Virtual Event

We will share our approach to building metaverse experiences and provide a framework and downloadable worksheet for analyzing existing ones. Duality founder, Apurva Shah, has taught "Designing the Metaverse" in the Interaction Design program at California College of the Arts (CCA) since Spring 2021 and we will invite past students to share on their metaverse


Making Better Matter

Bioforcetech Corporation 938 Linden Ave, South San Francisco, CA
Virtual Event Virtual Event

Making Better Matter brings together industry leaders working to create regenerative materials that turn the tide on some of our highest emitting industries. From bioplastic packaging, to mycelium leather, to waste-based pigments, four Bay Area material producers come together for a panel discussion to share the opportunities and challenges that the future of materials faces.