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Imagination Space: Virtual Experience by Roblox

Imagine a place where designers from all over the world can come together to meet, collaborate, and connect. The Roblox Design team has partnered with SF Design Week to create an immersive experience specifically for San Francisco Design Week.

This virtual environment is a destination where attendees can come together, celebrate and discuss the newest work, ideas, and people that make SFDW so special.

Invite your friends to meet-up at a specific time, or login to the space to meet other attendees inside a very special hub created specifically for Design Week attendees by the Roblox team! Live chat, explore the space, add your favorite quote to create installations, meet new people and exchange information, run, jump and play! Don’t forget to stop by the Imagination Space zen room for a quiet break and deep relaxing breaths in between SFDW sessions.

Featuring music by San Francisco electronic band Crashfaster.


It’s fun to invite friends you haven’t seen in awhile to login at the same time (or meet new ones!). If you can’t find your friends in the space, have them log out and back in at the same time!

  • STEP 1: Register for an All-Access Pass. Write down your Ticket Order Number, you’ll need it to login to Imagination Space
  • STEP 2: Go to ROBLOX and create an account (Required for security reasons!)
  • STEP 3: Once you are logged in install the app
  • STEP 4: Once the download is complete, click the original link again to launch the experience
  • STEP 5: You will be asked for your Order Number and Email to the exclusive event
    The Order Number is the order number that you received in the Eventbrite registration email. Please use the email address that received the Eventbrite confirmation email (Roblox will not store or save this email via text entry in this field)
  • STEP 6: Once you are in the experience, you will be prompted to create your business card

  • Enjoy the experience!

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    Roblox is an Official Sponsor of San Francisco Design Week 2020

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