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Meet the Brands

The following brands will be participating in events, talks, happy hours and will be on exhibit during June 20 – July 1 at Shack15.


Città is a New Zealand design company creating furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories to shape living spaces.

Città strive to partner with like-minded artisans and manufacturers to ensure their products are made ethically, sustainably, and with respect to their provenance.

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David Trubridge

David Trubridge is one of the world’s preeminent designers and a recognised leader in environmentally responsible design.

Countless international publications have featured Trubridge’s iconic work, which ultimately launched the globally followed design trend of raw sophistication.

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James Dunlop

James Dunlop Textiles was founded in 1907 in the bustling port of Dunedin, New Zealand. They’ve developed a deep-seated knowledge of interior textiles in their 110 year history.

Interested in different ways of living, they’re constantly exploring what fabrics can bring to people’s lives. And life has always informed what they do.

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Nodi creates a natural place of connection between people, their environment and our planet. They believe in mindfully creating environments that are wellness focused.

Creating positively healthy spaces, not only for the planet but for the people using the space. Nodi celebrates this connection by designing and weaving natural floor coverings that evoke a deep rooted connection with nature.

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Kinship and connection between people and our planet come first for noho—driven by a deep respect for the cultural values of their home, New Zealand.

Their products are designed from extensive human understanding to deliver what people desire and need. noho’s passion to nurture the planet means they only use recycled and renewable materials to craft their furniture.

This results in beautiful, versatile furniture that compliments how we live our dynamic lives and reflects our values.

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Established in 2011 by Simon James and Scott Bridgens, Resident is a globally focussed design company for design-conscious people who are passionate about the way they live.

As architects of objects, their interpretation of value begins with craftsmanship. Carefully consider details, push the limits of material, and find inspiration in the elemental forms found in nature.

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