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Q & A with Butterscotch

From being a strong female lead in a male-dominated field, to gay and biracial in the music industry, this year’s musical guest at the Opening Night Reception of #SFDW represents what it means to Question Everything. She fuses societal questions into inspiration for her framework and lyrics into answers. Butterscotch is the first woman beatboxing finalist from America’s Got Talent , “Up and comer” as quoted by Refinery 29 and a one-woman vocal symphony. The retro-futuristic, voice percussionist virtuosa, is a force to be reckoned with in today’s music scene and we are stoked for her to bring her talents to Opening Night  on June 14th. 

In-between her constant travels and launch of new music and videos, we were able to sit down with Butterscotch to answer a few questions.

What is something you’ve had to question and overcome in your life?

I’ve had to question many things in my life, but the two biggest things would probably be my sexuality and overcoming my depression.

What is an action you take to overcome those challenges?

I have accepted who I am and that has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders by becoming who I am supposed to be. I’m still working on feeling comfortable in my own skin, as we all have our own insecurities.

I’ve seen that you are against labels and therefore you remain an independent artist. What are some of the struggles you face here? Do you ever feel tempted to give in?

I am not completely against all labels, but they are becoming less and less relevant. Social media and exposure of authenticity are what people really want to see. People love when you talk directly to them and can be a part of your journey. Labels own almost every part of you and it creates a separation between fans and artists and it’s hard to be 100% when a label is forcing you in different directions, or not letting you put out the content that you want.

Who is an individual you respect in your field and why?

I love Sade. She has an amazing life. She dominated the music industry in the 80’s, 90’s, and comes back as she pleases and kills the game with another album every 5-10 years. She lives a bit of an undercover life but still is an icon and remains relevant.

How do you stay motivated to create everyday?

I don’t. I have to make myself stay motivated. I have to carve time out to create and when i’m touring, it’s difficult. But I am learning to take that time I need for myself to improve and practice. I am motivated by my goals as well as other inspiring artists.

Biggest win?

Loving myself.

Biggest Risk that you never regretted?

Crying onstage.

What are you working on right now?

New music and new videos! I just started a Patreon where people can support my journey and get rewards and exclusive content. Check it out here!


Thanks Butterscotch!! We can’t wait to see you IRL at the Opening Night Reception for the 10th Edition of San Francisco Design Week! Purchase your ticket here! 

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