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The Design Learning Challenge for K12 Youth: SFDW Edition

We are excited to announce the Design Learning Challenge for K12 Youth during this year’s San Francisco Design Week!

A Design Challenge is an interactive design workshop that offers an exciting co-participatory, multi-disciplinary opportunity to design collaboratively with professionals and area youth from the San Francisco Columbia Park Boys & Girls Clubhouse.

During the Design Learning Challenge, youth will work alongside professional designers to create solutions using the design thinking process on a the topic of safety. This 2-hour community event will conclude with a shared experience where students and professionals present their design results together. Facilitator Jacinda Walker of designExplorr, will lead designers and students through a process of critical thinking, ideation, and prototyping of solutions.

We are looking for volunteers today to be a design leader at the Design Learning Challenge which will be held on June 7th from 2:30 – 5:00 PM. Apply Today

In this free 2-part community-driven 2-hour event, designers will work alongside elementary school students to solve a design challenge using a brief prepared in conjunction with the organization and designExplorr. Facilitator Jacinda Walker will lead designers and students through a process of workshopping ideas and solutions. The session will culminate in a shared experience where professionals and students present end results together.

Interested in learning more? Join Jacinda on June 8th for a talk on Strategies to Increase Diversity in Design Disciplines. Purchase your ticket today!

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