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What is the Next Step in the Evolution of City Riding?

Bicycles are efficient machines, they always have been. Our goal with the Lyra project was to take that efficiency a step further. Sacrificing neither form nor function, we’ve built a high end commuter that increases safety and security both on and off the bike.


“I think the modern story of bicycle design in cities is just starting.”

                                            -Zachary Rosen (co-founder)


As a company that has always been based in San Francisco, it was only a matter of time until we decided to integrate some form of technology into our bicycles. The challenge here was to pick away all the “nice to have” options and stick with our core values which put a huge emphasis on practicality and minimalism. The development of the Lyra as a bicycle has relied heavily on design in terms of both form and function while questioning how we can make a better no frills bicycle for city cycling . We think you’ll be pleased with the results.

On June 21st, we invite you to experience the existing Mission Bicycle as a company whose prime focus has always been allowing the customer complete design autonomy. In the same night we’re excited to preview the Mission Bicycle of the future, who builds on that same premise and goes one step further, expanding the relationship between bicycle and rider.

See you soon.

-Mission Bicycle Company

Learn more about Lyra through our Kickstarter.

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