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Designing through a Merger or Acquisition

As a product ecosystem expands from its first product offering to a suite of interconnected products, the design team often scales and forms subteams within the larger design organization. With this additional organizational and product complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult for designers to stay aligned on design best practices as well as interaction and visual

Changemakers, with Maria Giudice

CCA’s Design Division presents a talk & book signing by Maria Giudice Becoming a Changemaker by Leading with Design Design leaders have evolved from being responsible for executing design concepts to having a crucial role in driving change across organizations. This is welcome progress, but with greater responsibility comes new challenges, especially when it comes

Manifesting A Future In Design

What happens when your thoughts become a reality? Manifesting is a tool used daily by designers in their work as they weave client emotions into unique concepts. An inspired idea can become a beautiful space realized from specific intentions. Alicia Cheung and Eva Bradley, co-founders of Studio Heimat, along with Tyson Lee, creative director and

BEBOP / Industrial Design Celebration

BEBOP is an industrial design studio based in Seoul, globally collaborating with startups to established brands. In January 2023, we opened our second office in San Francisco and we’ve prepared this special event to meet the local community, make new friends, and to celebrate the creative field of industrial design. We will be exhibiting a

Navigating Uncertainty: Insights from UX Frontlines

As the design industry grapples with the aftermath of widespread layoffs and a challenging job market, there's a pressing need to address the experiences, insights, and concerns of designers and researchers. Join our group of diverse, industry leading designers and researchers as they share their journeys, lessons learned, and advice for navigating these turbulent times

The Emergency Was Curiosity: In Defense of Useless Projects

FourOneNine 419 10th Street, San Francisco, CA, United States

A talk and Q&A with investor and producer Christie George about The Emergency Was Curiosity, an illustrated book report inspired by Jenny Odell’s How to Do Nothing. Christie’s project could be categorized as useless - there was no client, no publisher, no commissioning editor; she did this project for no other reason than that she wanted to. During the summer of