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Civic Design

Fletcher Studio

South Park is the oldest park in San Francisco. Over its 162 years of evolution, South Park has served the needs of diverse populations, including immigrants, refugees, designers, artists, and young professionals. The park redesign builds on this history, while resolving the site’s infrastructural issues and making the park accessible to all. The new design of the park may be described as a contemporary interpretation of the picturesque, guiding visitors along a carefully choreographed, meandering pathway while revealing a variety of accessible amenities and flexible spaces. By linking these points with a single path, the design forms a consistent linear promenade connecting a variety of amenity spaces. By combining historical analysis with parametric design and a contemporary aesthetic, South Park succeeds as an ecologically and socially sustainable park, setting the stage for use, connection, and delight while creating a space that is both magnetic and evolving.

Key Team Members

Project Team, David Fletcher ,Cory Hallam David, Gastaneta Nico Wright

About the organization

We believe design matters, and that people deserve to find value, meaning, and possibility in the places they encounter and occupy. We work with city makers, communities and other visionaries to realize evocative and appropriate concepts, designed and constructed to ensure social vitality and integrity.

We leverage technology to work faster and smarter; people, ideas and culture are the drivers of our process. From biologists and foresters to musicians and neighbors, we collaborate with a host of partners to skillfully integrate sustainable infrastructure and meaningful experiences into enduring, evolving spaces. Our studio and collaborators bring a wide array of experience ranging across science, design, art, horticulture, construction, and politics. Collectively, we are able to distill complex spatial analysis into high-functioning built environments that connect communities to places through inclusion, delight, and recognition of their capacity to best steward the places and objects we design.

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