Interior Design, Residential


Interior Design, Residential

Studio SHK

The “Great Exploration Kid’s Bedroom” is meant for the young, the wild and the wandering. This is a bedroom designed for the explorer in all of us – a journey through a half-imagined almost restrained oasis on the horizon. It’s a room intended for climbing, hanging, and pure adventure – a hideaway for the seeker of all things fun and free.

Taking cues from the wilderness deep within the desert, the bedroom boasts layers of color, whimsy and function. Featuring: ombre wallpaper with hand-painted African animal silhouettes, a circular rug reminiscent of a giraffe, tree-fort inspired bunk beds, a “termite mound” play space to crawl inside, carved gym rings, trapezoidal shelving, wooden seating area, and a light-projecting elephant mask.

The result is an inspiring bedroom that encourages us to never stop exploring!

Key Team Members

Sherry Hope-Kennedy, Interior Design
Shaum Mehra, Architect for the Termite Mound Structure
Jesse Perryman Painting, Painter
Sam Wright, Wallpaper Install
Amanda Anderson Photography, Photographer

About the organization

Studio SHK bridges the demands of artistic exploration, environmental responsibility, and financial considerations. Sherry and her team explore an inherent sense of place and identity in each project, collaborating with clients to create harmonious spaces. The individual character of each project emerges through insightful spatial relationships, material richness, and exacting detail.

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