Urban Mobility


Urban Mobility

Alta Motors

As cities increase in density and battle rising air pollution and congestion, electrified transport is proving to be an important part of today’s smart city economy. Thinking beyond the car, the Alta Motors team has developed the ultimate light-duty urban commuter: the all-electric Redshift Supermoto (SM). Built with the DNA of a race supermoto, Alta’s Redshift SM eliminates the the noise and air pollution issues associated with its combustion competitors. A stealthy motorcycle for navigating crowded city streets, the Redshift SM offers 60 miles of city riding between charges and is attracting new riders into the fold. Designed with a clean-sheet approach, the Alta team emphasized a commitment to human-centered design and efficiency to create the first electric motorcycle to directly displaced combustion competitors. This is the Redshift SM, and it is the future of fast.

Key Team Members

Jeff Sand, Design Lead and Vehicle Architect
Derek Dorresteyn, Technology Lead and Powertrain Architect
Nick Herron, Mechanical Engineering lead
Rob Sweney, Battery Technology lead
Owen Emry, Vehicle Software and Electrical Engineering lead
Ryan Kuhlenbeck, Battery MFG lead
Brandon Dawson, Vehicle MFG lead

About the organization

Alta Motors designs and manufactures the most advanced electric motorcycles in the world. What started as a “what-if?” between friends in 2010 has matured into a full scale Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Alta endeavors to not only advance the field of motorcycle technology, but to also apply its technology and advanced engineering across transportation markets. Alta has recruited an agile team of experts, developed innovative electric vehicle technology, and created a world class manufacturing operation headquartered in Brisbane, CA. This is where Alta is building The Future of Fast.

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