Architecture, Residential


Architecture, Residential

Aidlin Darling Design

Anchored by monumental coastal live oaks and majestic redwoods, this modest sustainably designed suburban home offers expansive living spaces that extend into the landscape. The existing trees inform a spatial arrangement of framed views, outdoor rooms, and screening for privacy. A series of interlocking vertical and horizontal volumes help to obscure the demarcation of inside and outside. Concrete floors, wood ceilings, and reflection from glass participate in a virtual fusion between the homes interior and its landscape. The zinc skin frames a stand of redwoods at the entry, provides privacy for sleeping spaces on the second floor while engaging adjacent tree canopies, and lifts at the ground floor to allow interior space to spill into the landscape. The home’s concrete plinth, steel and glass armature, and zinc skin respond to the site’s high water table, and resonate with its natural splendor.

Key Team Members

Architects, Aidlin Darling Design
Principals, Joshua Aidlin, David Darling
Project Manager , Melinda Turner
Project Team, Kent Chiang, Zac Rockett
Contractor, DeMattei Construction Inc.
Landscape Architecture, SurfaceDesign Inc.
Civil, Bay Land Consulting
Geo Tech, Cornerstone Earth Group
Structural Engineer, Berkeley Structural Design
Title 24, Energy Design Group
Arborist, Barrie D. Coate and Associates

About the organization

Aidlin Darling Design bridges the demands of artistic endeavor, environmental responsibility, functional pragmatics, and financial considerations. As a multidisciplinary firm, we believe that innovations discovered through the process of design and construction can be applied to projects of any scale, use, or purpose.

Partners Joshua Aidlin and David Darling have cultivated a team that strives to deliver the highest level of project management, service, and design. Our approach is client and site specific, and questions conventional assumptions. A collaborative process with clients, consultants, fabricators, and builders allows an open and impassioned exploration and enables a clear understanding of appropriate solutions. In each project, we seek to uncover an inherent spirit of place and interpret constraints as catalysts for performative design. The individual character of each project emerges through poetic spatial relationships, material richness, and exacting detail.

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