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California Changing: An Augmented Reality Poster Collection

Please join us for a pop-up exhibition of augmented reality posters that are focused on sites across California through the lens of climate change. The posters use an AR component to showcase the past, present, and potential futures of these sites, and are viewable through your mobile phone. Selected posters will also be available as

Self-guided: Mural Hunt by 1am Murals

Adventure out into the neighborhoods listed on our map, in between events or on your own time. Gather a group of friends, or wander on your own by following the clues to find the murals in the first of our series of self-guided tours of San Francisco Murals. Once you find a mural on the

A Rollercoaster Ride: A Design x Venture Panel with Founders & Funders

Hear from founders, funders, and design executives at some of the most exciting startups and funds in the Bay Area in an exciting fireside chat. Panelists: Jane Ha, Head of Design, Incredible Health Karine Sarkissian, Founding Partner at Tamar Capital x Le Studio Koraldo Kajanaku, CEO & Cofounder, Layer Editor Rachel Poonsiriwong, Product Design Lead,

Benefits of a rebrand with Mission Bit – VIRTUAL EVENT

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Mission Bit supports underrepresented youth of color in tech. Over the last 10 years, it has experienced exponential growth. As part of its ongoing commitment to positively impacting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the field of design, independent creative agency Sans Serif partnered with Mission Bit in 2022 to introduce a rebrand. Mission Bit

How AI can help us express ourselves

Join us for a lively discussion between Henri Liriani, Co-founder and CPO of Tome and Kathleen Chaykowski, Head of Integrated Comms about how AI can help us express ourselves. TOME: Our mission is to help anyone tell a compelling story. We're building an AI-native storytelling format for work and ideas. A collaborative AI partner,

HCI: Human Connection Interaction

Leave your titles at the door, and arrive with curiosity in your heart. This gathering is a chance to get to know each other for who you really are without your job title, achievements, accomplishments, or other markers of status and success. First names only. No job titles or company names. For one hour, you'll


The Artist’s Anxieties How creatives can survive (and thrive) in the AI Revolution

Is AI the new artist? Instead of answering that question, creative coach, entrepreneur and art collector Sonya Yu discusses what’s lost during the creative process when generative computers replace human hands, hearts, and minds—and how creatives can move from a place of anxiety to empowerment in the nascent AI revolution. If you are an artist

DESIGN 101 – Design basics for novices

High school students, community college students, and anyone else interested in design are invited to DESIGN 101, a 3-hour workshop where participants will explore the principles of design through a hands-on session. The activities of this workshop include creating zines, buttons, and packaging. DESIGN 101 will start with a brief introduction to design principles followed

In conversation with Galanter & Jones

Join us for a unique, intimate setting: imagine only 20 coveted spots on the couch in conversation with Co-Founders Miranda and Aaron Jones to discuss running a design business, innovation in furniture, manufacturing, challenges and successes. This event will take place in a small group setting. ABOUT: Galanter & Jones is a design + fabrication

Agents of Change: Ben Davis of Illuminate/City of Awe

Join us for the first in our new series Agents of Change: an inspiring presentation by Ben Davis, founder of Illuminate and producer of projects such as City of Awe, The Bay Lights, Honoring Harvey Milk, The Golden Mile, The Pink Triangle, Pi in the Sky and more art light installations around the city. Boom.

Break it Until you Make It! The Egg Drop Challenge Using Sustainable Materials

Participants of all ages and walks of life will experience techniques of design and arts through hands-on activities using simple tools and sustainable, recyclable, reused materials (provided by the organizing team). The participants will be divided into teams; each team will be challenged to devise a way to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped

De.Coded. Creating a Human Atlas of Silicon Valley with Studio Sutherl&

Join us for a talk by Jim Sutherland of Studio Sutherl& in the UK. Human Atlas is a social-impact art platform founded by artist Marcus Lyon. Mapping community through oral history, portraits and ancestral DNA. Inspiring the next generation of change. Human Atlas projects are research-based, interdisciplinary explorations of the people of a specified geography.

Breaking Through Creative Blocks: Small Group Workshop

What do artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs have in common? It’s two things: extreme imagination and sometimes extreme doubt. In this small workshop, creative and executive coach Sonya Yu will help individuals break through their current doubts, fears and blocks to better actualize their visions and feel empowered on their chosen paths. Calling all artists, creatives,

Official Launch Party and Musical Performance: Storytelling with Designers Everett Katigbak and Paula Marengo

Join us for an evening of music and storytelling with a musical ensemble comprised of designers. In between songs, you'll hear stories and conversations about design passions and side hustles between Everett Katigbak (currently the first Creative hire at Anthropic, and former Executive Producer and Designer at Stripe, Pinterest, and Facebook) and Paula Marengo, designer

Climate Action (Design) Bootcamp: Designing Climate-Focused Products, Services & Business Models

Virtual Event Hybrid Event

Workshop Description: Climate change is the most significant challenge facing our world today, and there is an urgent need for innovative solutions that reduce its impacts while repairing our world. In this 2-hour workshop, participants will learn how to design climate-resilient products, services, and business models, ensuring their ventures are aligned with the global goal

Wiki Art Jam

What does it take to be “The Last Best Place on the Internet”? While billions of people read Wikipedia every day, most are unaware of or do not understand the massive collaboration happening behind the scenes, involving people and machines. This collaboration is what allows Wikipedia to remain free and open source. Our vision is

Biodiversity+ Design Toolkit: Designing Pathways for Sustainable Futures – VIRTUAL EVENT

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Join us for an interactive feedback session on the Biodiversity Design Toolkit, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering designers and individuals passionate about making a positive change in the world. The toolkit provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and tools to incorporate biodiversity into design, fostering more sustainable and resilient designs, communities, and ecosystems. We

Designing in the dark: how NerdWallet’s Brand Studio uses design toolkits to embrace change – VIRTUAL EVENT

Virtual Event Virtual Event

At NerdWallet, our visual designers begin most projects by creating a toolkit: visual guidelines on mood, color, type, motion, photography, and more. Balancing constraint and freedom, prescriptiveness and optionality, design toolkits help us navigate unforeseen twists and turns in development and production. What makes for a successful design toolkit, and how can they help designers

IBM Design presents… SF’s Best “Worst Design” Challenge

As designers, we strive to create products, experiences, visual, and other solutions that are useful, usable, and desirable for the intended audiences. This requires a deep knowledge of user pain points, needs, and desires…but what would happen if we use that knowledge to deliver users to their destination in the most frustrating way possible? In

Designing through a Merger or Acquisition

As a product ecosystem expands from its first product offering to a suite of interconnected products, the design team often scales and forms subteams within the larger design organization. With this additional organizational and product complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult for designers to stay aligned on design best practices as well as interaction and visual

Designing for Climate

Know what would be the ultimate plot twist? If enterprises across the globe went from key contributors to climate change, to critical drivers in halting the climate crisis. That's our goal at Watershed - to create software that empowers companies to cut their carbon emissions. The Watershed design team is thrilled to host a discussion

Creating Beauty

This event will focus on the story of Tina's personal journey from a childhood of creativity to an initial career in finance, leaving it all behind to start her own design company — hiccups along the way, and refinding inspiration to create beauty. TF Design is a creative product design studio and workshop based in

Potato – Open Studio

Join us POTATO for a talk and mingle to celebrate SFDW 2023! Change is an inevitable part of life, plot twists as some call it --- and it’s especially true in the world of product development and design. Whether it’s new technologies, shifting customer needs, or evolving market trends, change is constantly reshaping the landscape

Guacamole Airplane Open Studio

We invite you to visit the sustainable packaging design studio of Guacamole Airplane. Local Plastic from Bend Oregon will be on hand exhibiting recent developments with their recycled plastic sheet press, used to create furniture and home goods. Located at our studio in Sausalito on Gate 5 Road, you will have the opportunity to explore

Aruliden – Open Studio

Aruliden welcomes the entire Bay Area to join us at our house warming party to celebrate our new expanded studio with Material+ in Oakland, California. To jumpstart the event, the team will do introductions and speak towards the history and vision of the studio. (4PM-4:30PM). Our space will be set up to display some of

Revolution Road: Designing a Driverless Future

When the first automobile took to the streets, no one could have predicted a day in which the driver would be optional. That time is now. Our team is designing the new era of transportation on our city streets, and we would love to talk to our fellow designers about it. Come meet the team

Launching A Global Rebrand – Virtual Event

Virtual Event Virtual Event

In the fall of 2022 Intuit unveiled an award-winning new visual identity to the world, but it was far from an overnight success. Learn the story of how the Intuit Brand Design team and Moniker SF lead a holistic brand refresh from the first plans a year prior, through the design process, and onward to

Whipsaw Open Studio

Join the Whipsaw team in our stunning new studio in Potrero Hill. See the light-filled industrial-chic space, enjoy our product gallery, meet members of the team, and pick up exclusive Whipsaw swag. We’re looking forward to seeing you in person!

Elixir Design – Open Studio

Elixir Open House Come celebrate 30 years with us! Our studio will be fully transformed into a wonder cabinet of projects, designs, colors, knick- knacks and unique commodities we have inherited through the years. We intend to make this an interactive experience-- so come ready to explore and even partake in some hands-on activities! We

FYRN – Open Studio

Stop by Fyrn to see our pieces in-person + have a tour through our original manufacturing facility. We’ll have drinks, bites and music for mingling and chatting. Look forward to hosting you!

Enlisted Design Open Studio

Enlisted welcomes all design enthusiasts to join our open studio for a Next Level experience featuring interactive workshops, live design demos and product showcases. From 7-7:45pm, we are proud to feature renowned designer, thinker & author, Donald Burlock, Jr. as a keynote speaker for a discussion about his book: Super Human by Design: Keys to

Radical Care: Design x Health Skyside Panel with Blumline

A cultural shift is underway and it’s shaking up healthcare. Join Blumline for a skyside panel conversation on health, agency, access, and designing with and for this unique space. We'll discuss emerging behaviors, needs, and the challenges, experiments, and lessons our panelists have uncovered in practicing health-centered design. Come early for aperitivo, a beautiful and

Jam Session by frog Design: Co-Creating a Code of Ethics in AI & Other Rising Technologies

During this 90-minute session, we want to bring creatives, technologists and forward-thinkers together to co-create a code of ethics around the increasingly ubiquitous, and intelligent technologies that are making their way into our day to day worlds. At this pivotal moment, the rise of ChatGPT and other AI-powered products and services have illuminated countless questions

Design Rocks! Music as Design Inspiration

As designers, we’re constantly asked to create, but where does creativity come from? How can we spark new and more innovative ideas? What even IS inspiration? Let’s explore these questions together in an interdisciplinary chat about inspiration through the lens of music. With the intention to refresh your creative spirit and enliven your imagination, we’re

Risky Business: Climate Change, Design, and Avoiding Unforeseen Consequences

Risky Business: Climate Change, Design, and Avoiding Unforeseen Consequences Throughout human history, new tools and technologies have simultaneously moved us forward as a society and set us back with unforeseen consequences. Here in the Bay Area, there is a common desire to disrupt, move fast, and break things, but that approach is not valid for

Adobe: Creating Gen AI Tools with and for Designers

Join members of the Adobe Design and Adobe Design Research & Strategy teams for a very special event for a very special event, in conversation with local designers about the design process behind Adobe's Gen AI tools. Panelists will discuss how they're currently using AI in their design workflows, touch upon what's ahead, and talk

Twist and Transform: Exploring Future Concepts and Career Pathways

Virtual Event Hybrid Event

Join us this evening as we dive into the unique journey of our designers and the impact of emerging technologies. ACTIVITY: Generating and Visualizing Future Concepts @Labs x Song An expanse of generative tools are now among us, so are the many questions and worries surrounding the future of the designer in the design process.

Us vs. Them

Join PA San Francisco (formerly Astro Studios) at SF Design Week for a thought-provoking event that explores the intersection of AI technology and design. Attendees will experience a competition between human designers and AI tools, and explore a showcase of AI technology and interactive events that demonstrate the latest trends in design. Refreshments and swag

Illustrating the picture book

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Illustrating a picture book from script to final pages - with focus on character design, composition and page design -- presentation followed by Live Q and A.

Moving Pictures: How Indie Film “Marcie’s” Was Made – VIRTUAL EVENT

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Marcie has a dream: to own Ed’s Tavern, where she’s bartender and den mother to her community of regular folk. But when a developer and an endangered bird begin to unravel her plans, Marcie has to rally her people to prevent the loss of the Tavern and save the community. This independent film touches on

The Climate Gallery

Join us in a virtual reality tour of The Climate Gallery, an interactive, online exhibit that features the work of five community-engaged, climate artists and designers. Each artist uses their own medium to communicate and mobilize their communities around climate topics. The five mediums include: fiber art, digital design, protest artwork (including murals and screenprinting),

Changemakers, with Maria Giudice

CCA’s Design Division presents a talk & book signing by Maria Giudice Becoming a Changemaker by Leading with Design Design leaders have evolved from being responsible for executing design concepts to having a crucial role in driving change across organizations. This is welcome progress, but with greater responsibility comes new challenges, especially when it comes

Creativity Explored – Open Studio

Creativity Explored (1983–2023) is a studio-based collective in San Francisco that partners with people with developmental disabilities to celebrate and nurture the creative potential in all of us. Founded in 1983 by a psychologist and an artist, CE has facilitated the careers of hundreds of neurodiverse artists and serves as a model in the field

Manifesting A Future In Design

What happens when your thoughts become a reality? Manifesting is a tool used daily by designers in their work as they weave client emotions into unique concepts. An inspired idea can become a beautiful space realized from specific intentions. Alicia Cheung and Eva Bradley, co-founders of Studio Heimat, along with Tyson Lee, creative director and

HGA – Open Studio

Join us for an extraordinary chance to immerse yourself in the innovative world of architecture and design! Our national interdisciplinary design firm is excited to host an open studio event at our HGA office in the heart of San Francisco. Meet and mingle with our talented team of architects, planners, designers, and engineers as you

The Art of Kitchen Design: A Celebration of Creativity, Innovation, and Lifestyle

Overview: Join us for an immersive experience into the world of kitchen design and lifestyle. Our event, "The Art of Kitchen Design," is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and lifestyle. From the latest design concepts to cutting-edge technology, we will showcase how kitchen design can be elevated to an art form. Our event will also

Surfacedesign Open Studio

Join the Surfacedesign team for a studio tour at our office on the Embarcadero – and then stick around for Happy Hour. Our multi-disciplinary team will present a wide range of landscape projects through the lens of a design process centered on collaboration, the ethos of our practice.

Peak Design Open Studio

Open studio at Peak Design World HQ!Peak Design is a brand that designs and builds carry gear for travelers, photographers and adventurers. Born and bred right here in SF's Dogpatch neighborhood, they've garnered a reputation for releasing uncompromising, function-first products with design details and features that border on magic. Entirely crowdfunded and independent, Peak Design

Can Art & Design Save the City?

Over the past two decades, San Francisco has seen an exodus of art and design people, places, and resources. Post Covid, it's even worse. Our public spaces, from downtown districts to retail centers and workplaces are vacant. Can art and design save the day, not only bringing people back, but creating a vibrant cultural future

Skona Advertising – Open Studio

Join Sköna for drinks, bites, and conversation in our new SoMa office, right behind SFMoMA! Stop by for treats from our Fika bar, chat with our founder and San Francisco team, and learn more about our Scandinavian sensibilities and how we build brave brands for B2B tech.

Nonfiction & Material ConneXion Open Studio

You're invited to our studio + material library conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco. Come hear from hosts Phnam and Mardis Bagley (Co-Founders and Creative Directors, Nonfiction) as they share the surprising plot twists that have happened as we've designed products and services - and firm - over the past seven years. Come

Noisebridge – Open Studio

Noisebridge is a community workshop and hackerspace hosting events and classes. We are a donations-based and volunteers-run non-profit providing access to tools and space to creatives of all stripes. A tour with a demonstration of some machines to make swag - laser cutter, knitting machine, embroidery machine

Box Clever – Open Studio

Join us at Box Clever for an inspiring fireside chat about Shorebird, Box Clever, and Box Garden Ventures - as we share stories around partnership, creative process, and embracing the spirit of a Plot Twist. Shorebird is a premium outdoor well-being brand focused on delivering thoughtfully designed products that elevate your time outside. Shorebird is

Pact Studio – Open Studio

Swing by our open studio to share stories about the twists and turns that help shape who we are. Meet others who have had a similar journey or learn about others’ paths that have led to interesting outcomes and unique points of view. We’ll provide refreshments, light snacks and conversation starters. Looking forward to seeing

Hybrid Design + Super7 – Open Studio

Join Hybrid Design and our sister company, Super7 for an open studio in the Mission District. Our studio is an explosion of pop culture inspiration with enormous collections of vintage toys, skateboards and prints. The Hybrid and Super7 teams will be onsite to offer casual tours of the space and show some of the projects

level – Open Studio

Slide over to the Mission and celebrate SF Design Week with us at level. We invite you to come talk industrial design–and anything else–with us! The doors are open to all, enjoy a memorable night at our studio with bites, booze, good music and great conversation.

TOOOT – Open Studio

The Office of Ordinary Things (TOOOT) is a design and branding studio focused on climate, sustainability, and social good. Please join us at a social hour where we hope to cultivate a welcoming, vibrant, and engaged design community! Office and restroom are wheelchair accessible. Cocktails, mocktails, and snacks will be provided.

Mike & Maaike – Open Studio

Mike & Maaike - New Works Mike & Maaike will exhibit two new works which combine design, art, and advocacy. Juxtaposed: Religion - The Complete Edition. 2023 The Envelopes. 2023 Light refreshments will be served. 5-9pm 7pm artist talk

Small Business Manufacturing

Join us for an engaging panel discussion during SF Design Week, in which we'll dive deep into the world of small business manufacturing. "Crafting Success: Small Business Strategies in Manufacturing," will be a lively discussion that brings together small business owners in different industries to discuss the hardships and successes of manufacturing. Designer and Small

Adobe: Creating Gen AI Tools with and for Designers – San Jose

This event takes place in San Jose, California Join members of the Adobe Design and Adobe Design Research & Strategy teams for a very special event for a very special event, in conversation with local designers about the design process behind Adobe's Gen AI tools. Panelists will discuss how they're currently using AI in their

SEGD SF x AIGA SF: Richard Poulin presents his latest book, Rational Simplicity: Rudolf de Harak, Graphic Designer

Please join the SEGD San Francisco chapter and AIGA San Francisco Thursday June 8th, 2023 from 6-9pm for a special evening with Richard Poulin discussing his new book, Rational Simplicity: Rudolph de Harak, Graphic Designer. Richard is an SEGD fellow and award-winning designer, educator, author, and artist. His career spans forty years in graphic, environmental,

Art Event at MMclay Showroom + Studio- Exploring visual, tactile and culinary art in community with tableware by MMclay, paintings by Heather McFarlin and food by Charles Phan.

Please stop by MMclay Showroom + Studio for an evening of art and food as we feature the beautiful abstract paintings of local artist Heather McFarlan and delicious food by Slanted Door's renowned chef Charles Phan. The MMclay Showroom + Studio features custom ceramic lighting fixtures along with six lines of beautiful tableware designed by

How AI Can Help Designers To Be Efficient

As creative professionals, we often find ourselves bogged down by repetitive tasks that can drain our energy and time. However, thanks to AI and generative technology, we can now dream of a world where these tasks can be streamlined and automated, freeing up our time for more complex and imaginative aspects of our creative process.

Design Soup – Multidisciplinary Design Showcase – Open Studio

Join us for a tasting of design in all its physical forms, with hardware, physical products, furniture, architecture, and art on display at Studio 45. This is an open showcase for the professional creative community to demo physical objects. We’ll have both Studio 45 members share their work as well as an open call for

WORKSHOP: Dreaming of Electric Sheep, A Creative Salon on AI

Led by Tara Tan, Managing Partner, Strange Ventures Ready for a mind-bending journey through the uncharted realms of creativity? Ditch those same-old, yawn-inducing brainstorming sessions and join us for an hour of hallucinatory exploration. We're spicing things up with a twist: a guided meditation and visualization session that'll help you break free from the chains of

DataWagashi: Multisensory Data Physicalization through Wagashi

Virtual Event Virtual Event

Come explore the future of accessible data experience through multisensory data physicalization! Data visualization is a powerful tool for making sense of complex information, but it often relies solely on our visual sense to communicate insights. In this event, multidisciplinary designers Tiange Wang and I-Yang Huang share a different approach to creating and sharing data

The Design Language of Belonging

What does it mean to design spaces that evoke belonging? In this workshop, we’ll investigate what belonging means to us and how it manifests in our physical spaces. Through creating a shared language of "patterns," we’ll discover design principles that can be applied across our environments. We’ll collaboratively push the boundaries of our imagination and

Hey Siri, Let’s Talk AI with Adam Cheyer, Co-Creator of Siri

Discover the future of AI and Design with Adam Cheyer, founder of SIRI, who is a renowned pioneer and thought leader in the field of artificial intelligence. Join us at our brand-new Potrero Hill studio for a thought-provoking talk on AI, the most impactful and transcendent technology the design world has ever seen. As a

Steep Urbanists Tour directed by Lina Bondarenko

Join us on a participatory movement experience in architecture and perspective over Telegraph Hill. This tour positions urban design as a collaboration with the earth’s geography. The plan of San Francisco drapes a city grid over 48 hills. Streets undulate like rollercoasters, snaking around the land's contours, rupturing to reveal concrete walls bisected by vegetated

Experiments in AI – A Show & Tell at IDEO

If you could talk to your jeans, what would you say? Come to IDEO’s new digs and walk through a gallery of AI experiments. We’ll hear from designers and partners about how they’re playing with this explosive new medium, then have a “conversation that moves”—no spoilers, just trust us, this will be fun. Join us

BEBOP / Industrial Design Celebration

BEBOP is an industrial design studio based in Seoul, globally collaborating with startups to established brands. In January 2023, we opened our second office in San Francisco and we’ve prepared this special event to meet the local community, make new friends, and to celebrate the creative field of industrial design. We will be exhibiting a

Pop-up Design Materials Mercantile powered by the Stanford

Come anytime to visit with us during the hours of: Saturday, June 10th from 12pm-5pm Sunday, June 11th from 12pm-5pm Pop in to discover a recent slate of beautiful publications from the Stanford as well as other materials from established and emerging leaders in the field. Engage with and purchase publications that balance depth

SinkInSync: Biofeedback VR Experience for Remote Social Connectedness – VIRTUAL

Virtual Event Virtual Event

SinkInSync presents the design and prototype of a VR-based cross-person EEG neurofeedback platform. This generative VR platform uses one user’s brainwave data to procedurally render 3D scenes and passively displays visual cues that are synchronized with the real-time brainwave frequency to another user. With the platform, we aim to explore the potential of VR as

Gantri & Bay Area Made Present “The Locally Crafted Home”: A Celebration of New Lighting and Design Talent

Sustainable lighting manufacturer Gantri will open its SOMA studio to showcase and celebrate Bay Area designers and their work. There are two components to this event: Gantri Summer 2023 Independent Creator Release As a central focus of the event, the lighting brand will be introducing its newest Independent Creator Release collection of 3D printed designs

Wearing the Fabric of the Future – Open Studio

Open from 12:00-6:00pm Meet Jennifer Daley and her team of collaborators Enjoy local fair and join the discussion about the future of fabrics Enter to win 1 of 3 door prizes An invitation to tour The Daley Textile House, Textile Lab, and Regenerative Demonstration Garden. Meet some of our Textile and Land Team members, and

Imaginate Saturdays @ Creativity Explored

Imaginate Saturdays is a place where people of all ages and abilities can work alongside Creativity Explored artists and teaching artists to explore the power of creativity and the magic of the CE Studios. Join us for this weekly program centered around open studio time and spontaneous special projects. No experience needed. Come IMAGINATE with

MCD Mobile MakeArt x Pop-Up Village: PRIDEful Juneteenth

The Museum of Craft and Design returns to Bayview-Hunters Point for a celebration of PRIDE, Father's Day, and SF Design Week 2023! Meet us at the Pop-Up Village-- a site activation that harnesses the power of design to catalyze the magic that emerges when people and programs come together in public space. The Pop-Up Village

Dynamic Minds, Brilliant Creativity: AIDLIN DARLING AND BAMO

"Dynamic Minds, Brilliant Creativity" Led by Best-selling author of 25 books on design and architecture, Instagram influencer, design lecturer and instructor, and founder of THE STYLE SALONISTE blog, Diane Dorrans Saek, this year's expanded interior designer program follows on the great success of last year's program. The program offers a rare opportunity to tour top


Speculative futures and Designing with AI: Exploring Industrial, Speculative, and Ethical Implications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we design products, services, and experiences. From manufacturing and logistics to fashion and entertainment, AI is being used to streamline processes, enhance creativity, and optimize outcomes. However, as AI becomes more ubiquitous, it is crucial to consider the ethical, social, and cultural implications of AI design. San

Biofabrication Workshop: Grow a Mycelium Object with 10th Floor Studio

If you’ve been curious about biofabrication or biomaterials, this workshop is for you. Grow fungi into an object for your home. Here at 10th Floor Studio, we firmly believe that fungi can help us transition away from synthetic petroleum products and towards futures where humans coexist as a part of the natural world. We’ve been


Forward Momentum: Launch into Your Next Chapter

Join us at Haum, a beautiful space quite literally floors above the day-to-day hussle of the everyday, for a guided exploration to imagine and realize the next chapter of your design career. Expect inspiring stories, accessible but powerful self-reflection and plenty of opportunities to connect with and build a network of support among members across

Shared Experiences in Building Literary Design Works: Meet the Authors of Recent Books from the Stanford

Come step into the Stanford "Hall of Books," a fun museum exhibit-esque mounting of recently published books from faculty and friends of the design program at Stanford University. From Creative Acts for Curious People to Navigating Ambiguity, each book is filled with ready-to-use insights and design approaches. At the event, you can engage with

Young Designers hosted by Stanford

Calling all future designers! Built for young people ages 10-18, students from the Stanford University are facilitating awesome workshops and design making sessions in several different mediums for youth! Youth participants are invited to come build prototypes of their wildest dream inventions, create digital presentations, design their own magazine, and or create a personal

Zine Wars! Hosted by Stanford

Stanford curators are hosting an immersive education and hands on making session centered around zines! Since the advent of mimeograph in the 1960's (one of the first reproduction mediums beyond carbon paper), the underground and commercial platforms of zine making have revolutionized how creatives and industries engage in dynamic ways. Meet with zine making

Dynamic Minds, Brilliant Creativity: KEN FULK STUDIO AND ST. JOSEPHS

"Dynamic Minds, Brilliant Creativity" led by Best-selling author of 25 books on design and architecture, Instagram influencer, design lecturer and instructor, and founder of THE STYLE SALONISTE blog, Diane Dorrans Saek, this year's expanded interior designer program follows on the great success of last year's program. The program offers a rare opportunity to tour top


Dynamic Minds, Brilliant Creativity: ODADA, GARY HUTTON, FELDMAN ARCHITECTURE

"Dynamic Minds,Brilliant Creativity" Led by Best-selling author of 25 books on design and architecture, Instagram influencer, design lecturer and instructor, and founder of THE STYLE SALONISTE blog, Diane Dorrans Saek,, this year's expanded interior designer program follows on the great success of last year's program. The program offers a rare opportunity to tour top architecture